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DFB laser diodes at 1049-1065nm, any wavelength within +/-1nm

Distributed feedback (DFB) fiber coupled laser diodes with 20mW at any wavelength in the range 1049-1065nm can be supplied with precision +/-1nm. They are mode-hop-free and temperature-tunable at 0.08nm per degree C: www.qphotonics.com/Fiber-coupled-DFB-laser-diode-20mW-1049-1064nm-QDFBLD-105X-20.html .

SOA with over 40dB gain at around 1060nm becomes available

A more powerful semiconductor optical amplifier at 1064nm with over 40dB gain in 20nm bandwidth becomes available, follow www.qphotonics.com/Semiconductor-optical-amplifier-1064nm-QSOAI-1064.html.

We offer DFB laser 100mW at 1550nm

We now offer 1MHz DFB laser diode with 100mW at 1550nm in fiber coupled butterfly package.   Details are given here: http://www.qphotonics.com/Wavelength-stabilized-single-mode-fiber-coupled-laser-diode-100mW-1550nm-QDFBLD-1550-100.html

Good references to SOAs and laser diodes of Innolume, Inc.
We have been receiving very positive feedback on the products of Innolume, Inc., including their semiconductor optical amplifiers, fiber coupled laser diodes and superluminescent diodes at 995nm, 1000nm, 1020nm, 1030nm, 1064nm, 1121nm, 1130nm, 1150nm, 1170nm, 1185nm, 1231nm, 1240nm and 1256nm.
Product news: green fiber coupled single mode laser diode with 10mW at 520nm becomes available
Green fiber coupled single mode laser diode with 10mW at 520nm becomes available from stock at http://www.qphotonics.com/Single-mode-fiber-coupled-laser-diode-10mW-520nm-QFLD-520-10S.html . It is manufactured with Oclaro PL520 free space laser diode in convenient telecom 14pin butterfly package.
Product news: higher power single mode laser diodes at 795+/2nm.
QPhotonics introduces single mode FP laser diodes at ~795nm, featuring 150mW output in free space or 100mW ex-fiber output from single mode fiber (Corning HI780). The model numbers are QLD-795-150S and QFLD-795-100S. Search 795nm to find more related products.
QPhotonics supplies deep UV LED manufactured by SETi, USA.
QPhotonics begins supplying deep UV LED manufactured by SETi, USA. Light emitting diodes at 240-355nm wavelengths are employed in UV curing, disinfection, ozone monitoring, protein analysis, etc. Low cost, compact size and reliability of UV LEDs enable new applications of UV light. The full line of SETi UV LED products is available from QPhotonics including custom design and solutions.
New Website
QPhotonics launches new website with better customer interface.