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Turnkey Fiber Coupled Laser / LED Sources

Turnkey Fiber Coupled Laser / LED Sources
  • One to three channels containing laser diodes, superluminescent diodes, LEDs or their combination
  • Single mode or multimode fiber pigtail output
  • LED wavelengths at 450, 520, 590, 630 nm, and white LED
  • SLD range 670-1550 nm
  • Laser diode range 650-1625 nm
  • Built-in air-cooled drivers, plug-and-play operation
  • CW and pulsed operation
  • Good power and spectral stability
  • Compact size, robust design, good reliability
  • Any LED, SLD, or laser diode from our selection can be incorporated in this source APPLICATIONS Pumping, Biomedicine, Photo-dynamic therapy, Optical measurements, Illumination
Click on part numbers below for detailed specifications
Laser Type Package Spectral Width (nm) Online price
375-995 QTFS-WHITE-LED 10mW LED Turnkey Source $1400 Details
400-410 QTFS-405-LD-M 90mW LD Turnkey Source $2960 Details
430-650 QTFS-450-630-LED 10mW LED Turnkey Source 20@Blue/Red $2480 Details
650-670 QTFS-660-LD 15 LD Turnkey Source $2150 Details
1050-1070 QFTS-1060-LD 1 LD Turnkey Source $2960 Details
1050-1065 QTFL-1060-15 25mW Tunable laser Turnkey System 0.1 $5560 Details