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Single mode fiber coupled pulse laser diode, 1200mW @ 1064nm, QFLD-1064-1200SP

Single mode fiber coupled pulse laser diode, 1200mW @ 1064nm, QFLD-1064-1200SP
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    • High power (1200mW) low noise optical pulse
    • 500mW CW output power
    • Broadened spectrum to exclude Brillouin scattering
    • Proprietary mirror coating enabling long lifetime
    • CW or pulsed operation, <2ns rise time
    • Wavelength/temperature coefficient 0.35nm/oC
    • Built-in thermoelectric cooler, thermistor, optional photodiode
    • HI1060 or polarization maintaining PM980 fiber pigtail
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Test conditions: module is mounted on room temperature heatsink, thermistor temperature 25°C

Parameters Symb.  Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Pulsed output peak power Ppulse 1200     mW
Pulsed operating peak current (500ns, 1% duty cycle) I pulse   2000 2200 mA
Mean wavelength at Ppulse (500ns, 1% duty cycle)   1040   1080 nm
Mean wavelength tolerance at Ppulse (500ns, 1% duty cycle)       5 nm
CW output power Pout Pout 400 500 600 mW
CW operating current Iop   1000 1200 mA
Mean wavelength at Pout   1040   1070 nm
-3dB level spectral width at Pout   0.5 1 4 nm
Wavelength shift with thermistor temperature   0.3 0.35 0.4 nm
CW threshold current Ith   90 150 mA
CW polarization extinction ratio (for PM980 fiber only) PER 15 17   dB
CW forward voltage Vf   2.1 2.3 V
Case operating temperature Tcase 10   50 C

Absolute Maximum Rating

Parameters Min. Max. Unit
LD reverse voltage   2 V
LD CW forward current    1500 mA
LD pulse forward current    300 mA
Thermo Electric Cooler current   3 A
Thermo Electric Cooler voltage   4 V
Fiber bend radius 3 - cm
Chip operating temperature range 5 40 °C
Case operating temperature range 0 70 °C
Storage temperature range -40 85 °C



Pin Configuration

Additional information

TYPICAL PULSE PERFORMANCE (for reference only)

Test conditions: electrical pulse: 20ns, rise/fall time about 5/2ns, 1% duty cycle optical pulse measured by 1GHz photodetector and 40GHz sampling oscilloscope

  • Wavelength selection available from 1030-1090nm range.
  • Hi1060 fiber specification: NA, 0.14; fiber mode field/clading/coating diameter, 6.2um/125um/245um; fiber length 100+/-20cm.
  • Panda PM980 fiber specification: NA, 0.12; fiber mode field/clading/coating diameter, 6.6um/125um/245um; fiber length 100+/-20cm.
  • Thermistor specification: Type, NTC; Resistance at 25deg C,10+/-0.1kOhm; Beta @25-50 deg. C, 3375+/-1%K
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