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High power multimode laser diode 6W at mean wavelength 1064nm on C-mount, 6W @ 10xxnm, QLD-1064-6M-C

High power multimode laser diode 6W at mean wavelength 1064nm on C-mount, 6W @ 10xxnm, QLD-1064-6M-C
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    • 6W output power at around 1064nm
    • Other wavelengths within 1000-1130nm are optional
    • Proprietary mirror coating enables high reliability
    • Au/Sn bonding of chip to c-mount open heatsink
    • RoHS compliance
    • Optional 9mm TO-can package for QCW operation

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Test condition: heatsink temperature deg. C

Parameters Symbol Min Typ Max Unit
Operating output power Pout 6     W
QCW output power (200us pulse width, 1% duty cycle) Pqcw 12     W
Range of available wavelength   1030 1064 1125 nm
Mean wavelength tolerance       5 nm
Spectral width @ -3dB level at Pout     4 8 nm
Wavelength temperature tunability   0.3 0.4 0.45 nm/°C
Threshold current Ith   0.45 0.7 A
Operating current at Pout Iop   7.3 8.5 A
Forward voltage at Pout Vf   1.6 1.9 V
Divergence parallel to p-n junction (FWHM)   4 8 11 deg.
Divergence perpendicular to p-n junction (FWHM)   31 33 35 deg.
Aperture size     90 x 1   um x um


Parameters Min Max Unit
Diode reverse voltage   2 V
CW forward current   Iop+4 mA
Lead soldering temperature   250 (5sec.) °C
Operating temperature above dew point 60 °C
Storage temperature -40 85 °C



TYPICAL PERFORMANCE @ CW, 25°C heatsink temperature


Pin Configuration

Unit in mm

Additional information

The laser light emitted from this Device is invisible and will harmful to the human eye. Avoid looking directly into the fiber output or into the collimated beam along its optical axis when the device is in operation. Proper laser safety eyewear must be worn during operation.

Absolute Maximum Ratings may be applied to the Device for short period of time only. Exposure to maximum ratings for extended period of time or exposure above one or more max ratings may cause damage or affect the reliability of the Device.

Operating the product outside of its maximum ratings may cause device failure or a safety hazard. Power supplies used with the device must be employed such that the maximum peak optical power cannot be exceeded. A proper heatsink for the Device on thermal radiator is required, sufficient heat dissipation and thermal conductance to the heatsink must be ensured.

The Device is an Open-Heatsink Diode Laser; it may be operated in cleanroom atmosphere or dust-protected housing only. Operating temperature and relative humidity must be controlled to avoid water condensation on the laser facets. Any contamination or contact of the laser facet must be avoided.

ESD PROTECTION – Electrostatic discharge is the primary cause of unexpected product failure. Take extreme precaution to prevent ESD. Use wrist straps, grounded work surfaces and rigorous antistatic techniques when handling the product.


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