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Laser diode nanosecond pulse driver with temperature controller and mount, QCCS-1500

Laser diode nanosecond pulse driver with temperature controller and mount, QCCS-1500
List price: $3500.00
Online price: $3300.00
    • Operates both in CW mode and pulsed mode; current up to 500mA in CW, 1500mA in pulsed mode.
    • User-set pulse width from 2ns to CW, 1Hz to 4MHz repetition rate.
    • Integrated pre-configured butterfly mounting sockets.
    • Integrated TEC temperature controller.
    • USB interface, includes programming tools software suite, DLL library, Labview VI and GUI.
    • Built-in pulse generator and remote triggering.
    • Compact size: 13cm x 13cm x 3cm
    • Manufactured by AeroDiode.
Weight 2.00 lbs
Lead time IN STOCK
Pinout type


    Laser Driver Current

  0–1500mA (pulsed mode), 0–500mA (CW mode)

    Forward Current Resolution


    Offset DC current


    Offset Current Setting Resolution


    Pulse Width, Internal Modulation


    Pulse Width Resolution, Internal Modulation 

   0.01 for 0-10ns pulses; 2ns for >10ns pulses

    Modulation Frequency, Internal Modulation


    Frequency Resolution, Internal Modulation


   Delay After Trigger, Ext/Int mode

  70 typical for 0-10ns pulses; 85 for >10ns pulses

   Delay After Trigger, Ext/Ext mode


    Modulation Input Level, terminated by 50Ohm


     Sync Out Level, terminated by 50Ohm


    BNC Peak Power Adjustment

   0-5V (input impedance 47kOhm)

    Temperature Control Range

   15-50deg. C


Pin Configuration

Top view

Front panel

1.    TTL/LVTTL input pulse command/trigger
     SMA TTL/LVTTL input voltage connector. The signal must be between 0 and +3.3V max.

2.    Power alarm indicator
     Red LED indicates that the maximum peak current level is reached. If the red light is on, reduce the current level using the software or with #6 / #7 control.

3.    Temperature alarm indicator
     Red LED indicates that the laser diode temperature is not reached

4.    Signal peak power adjustment (analog input)
     BNC input voltage connector (0 to +5V) for peak power adjustment.

5.    Signal peak power adjustment (manual knob)
     Knob for peak power adjustment.

6.    Power ON indicator
     Blue LED indicates that the device is powered.


Back panel


1.    DC power input (+12 V / +24 V)
     Input connector for DC power. Use only the provided DC power supply.

2.    USB input
     3.5mm input jack used to connect the CC-S driver with the PC. Use the USBspecific
cable which is supplied with your device.

Additional information

  • Controller's LD socket can be configured with either 14-pin butterfly type 1 or type 2 pinout, shown above.   Please, make sure to pick the correct type if purchasing this controller alone, without a laser diode.  When purchased with a laser diode, we will preconfigure the controller for operating as a turnkey system.
  • No soldering is required for replacing laser diodes.
  • This controller is designed for infrared and red laser diodes. For green, blue, and violet LDs that require a higher compliance voltage, another version is available up to 12V. Please contact us for more information.
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back panel
front panel
GUI appearance
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