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Deep UV light emitting diode, 1mW @ 255nm, UVLED255TO46L

Deep UV light emitting diode, 1mW @ 255nm, UVLED255TO46L
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    • AlGaN UVC LED
    • Wavelength 250-260nm, spectral width 11nm
    • Output power 1mW
    • Hermetically sealed TO-46 package with lens
    • Quartz lens, 6o viewing angle
    • RoHS compliant, Pb free
    • Expected lifetime ~1,000 hours
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Test conditions: forward current 20mA , temperature 25deg. C, CW mode operation

Parameters Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Optical output power   1   mW
Peak wavelength 250 255 260 nm
Forward current     20 mA
Forward voltage   5.8 6.2 V
Spectral width (FWHM)   11   nm
Peak pulse current     100 mA
Viewing angle (full)   6   deg.

Notes: 1. Peak wavlength measurment tolerance +/-2nm; 2. Optical output power measurements tolerance +/-10%. 3.LEDs should never be operated with reverse bias.

Absolute maximum ratings: case temperature 25deg. C unless specified

Parameters Max. Unit
Forward current (CW) 20 mA
Forward current (pulse, PW<10mS, duty <1%) 100 mA
Reverse voltage 0 V
Operating temperature -20 to 85 deg. C
Storage temperature -30 to 100 deg. C
Soldering temperature (2x5 second) 260 deg. C



Sample spectrum at 25deg. C, 20mA, in CW mode

Pin Configuration


Material list: 1. Glass Materials: Synthetic Quartz; 2. Cap Materials: Ni-plated Kovar; 3. TO Header Materials: SPC; 4. Lead Materials: Anode: Au-plated Iron-Nickel Alloy Cathode: Au-plated Kovar

Additional information

All characteristics shown in this section are for reference only and are not guaranteed.

  • Typical wavelength tuning: ~0.02nm/deg. C;

CAUTION, UV LIGHT: These devices emit high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light, which is harmful to skin, eyes, and may cause cancer. Avoid exposure to UV light, use protective glasses and cover your skin.

Do not look directly into the operating deep-ultraviolet LED as it may cause damage to the eyes. If looking into the operating LED is necessary, be sure to wear ultraviolet light protective glasses.

IEC62471 “Photobiological Safety of Lamps and Lamp Systems” defines exposure limits of electromagnetic radiation in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 3000 nm for each possible hazard (to the skin, eye, and retina). The deep ultraviolet light emitted from this product can be classified as belonging to the following hazards. It is recommended to understand the content of the standard before using the product.

This product is intended to be used for a general purpose (industry or consumer equipment) .

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